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Living in this cruel world really gets to some people once they know the truth, some will still live out their lives as any other day but others will just proceed into complete madness. I'm not sure which direction I will head in, but one thing I do know though is that my life is most likely going to change forever.

“Ana!” called out the voice of my younger sister Lizz as she gently pushed my back to take me out of my deep sleep. I rubbed my half lidded eyes as I sat up.

“Lizz? What is it?” I said groggily as I glanced over at the clock “It's so early what are you doing here?” rather than giving a an answer she stared at me with a blank look on her face.

“Don't you remember we were going to meet Sam at the airport today, he said he had discovered something important and wanted to show it to us so we gotta hurry.” she said while rushing me out of bed towards the closet to get ready. I quickly got dressed and we headed down to the airport to find Sam. I had been wondering what was so important that he really had to show to me and Lizz I just hoped it wasn't something really stupid.

When we arrived at the airport we looked around the baggage claim for Sam. It didn’t take that long to find him since he stands out with his bright blonde hair. Lizz and I started to walk slowly towards him, I started to wonder if he was going to notice us.

“Hey girls” Sam said waving in our direction. I smiled as Lizz waved enthusiastically at Sam since she hadn’t seen him in a very long time.

“Sam!” yelled Lizz hugging him tightly “I missed you so much! I can’t believe you went on holiday without us.” She said pouting. Sam smiled gently at Lizz.

“Hey Lizz” he said. “I’m sorry I had to leave you guys behind since you were all still in school”

“But still” said Lizz pouting again. Sam smiled apologetically at her then looked over at me.

“Hey Ana” he said smiling broadly.

“Hey” I smiled back at him. “Oh yeah what was that important thing you wanted to show us?” he gave me the same blank response I received from Lizz earlier today.

“Oh yeah” he said giggling a bit “I will show you when we get back. It’s a bit too dangerous here.” he looked around the airport suspiciously.

“Dangerous what do you me-“I was cut off by Sam dragging me and Lizz outside the Airport and into a taxi.

The whole time we were in the taxi heading back to Sam’s place I was giving him the death stare. He laughed nervously at my expression and tried to avoid looking into my eyes.

When we finally arrived at Sam’s house we hurried inside and he pulled out a large book from his bag.

“A book.” I stated “you brought us here to see a book.” I said sighing.

“It’s not just any book Ana, it’s a really strange book”


“Yeah strange I bought it from an old book-store while I was in Wales.”

“How is it strange?” asked Lizz with a questioning expression.

“Well it’s strange because for some reason I can’t seem to open it, but it has a keyhole so I figured you could try and open it Lizz”

“Hmm, I guess I could try” Lizz said grabbing a paper-clip and attempted to pick the lock, but no luck. Sam sighed.

“Guess I’ll have to look for the key then it should be somewhere in my bag” he said. “But anyway you girls wanna have some lunch?” he asked nonchalantly.

“sure why not” said Lizz with that big grin on her face, so we had lunch with him and then soon left to go back to our house to clean up a bit, by the time we were finished with cleaning it was pretty late so Lizz went to bed straight away. I wasn’t that tired so I walked to the kitchen to get something to eat. When I heard something.

“Ana” said a soft voice. I looked around the room wondering who was calling my name. I couldn’t see anything so I quickly rushed to my room and locked the door, when I looked behind me I saw a purple glow.

What was that? I thought. I walked towards the glow and heard my name being called again. When I got close to the glow it stopped and the book Sam had brought back from Wales fell into my hands.

“Huh? What’s this doing here?” I pondered. Suddenly the book opened without me doing anything and stopped at a page saying:
                                                       The truth lies within here
                                                         But beware it may not
                                                        Be something that you
                                                           Would like to hear.
“What? How did it open?” I wondered. Should I read on? But I’m scared what if the truth is something really bad. I started to turn the next page but all I saw was a blank page.

“Huh?” I flipped through the rest of the pages but they were all completely blank. “I wonder what this means” a loud bang echoed through the room and the floor disappeared beneath my feet.

I looked at my new surroundings, I seem to be in a very empty looking field all I see for miles are rocks.

“What is this place?” I questioned myself. I decided to walk around to see if I could find anyone. Maybe it’s a dream I thought. There doesn’t seem to be anything around here, just rocks. I turned around to go back to where I was before but I ended up bumping into someone instead.

“o-oh I’m sorry” I said looking up at the person I bumped into. He seemed to be a young boy with long black hair in a ponytail going down to his waist. His eyes a gleaming electric crimson colour. His ears were quite elf like. He was wearing a ragged black long sleeved shirt with ripped jeans.
“No harm done” said the young man’s sharp voice “but may I ask what you are doing here, you don’t look like any demons I know.” He said flicking his long fringe out of his right eye.
“D-demons?” I asked astonished at what he had said.

“Yeah demons. This is demon territory” he glanced down at me with a deep glare in his eyes “you’re not from here are you? I mean look at the way you’re dressed, no one, not even those stupid angels wear stuff like this” he said pulling on the edge of my sweater.

“N-no I don’t think I’m from here, I have no idea where I am anyway, all I remember was opening this book and then falling through the floor and then I was suddenly here”.

“Hmm, really?” he said not paying attention to the glare I was sending him for pulling on my sweater. “Wait a book”

“Yeah a book” I said showing him the book.  

“T-this book” he said his eyes going wide, his face grew horrifyingly pale.

I stare at him for a while “what? What’s wrong with the book?” I asked.

“Well” he started “I’ll tell you soon but we should get somewhere safe before any other demons come around.”

“Eh… okay” I say as he pulls me along into the distance. I was too busy wondering where he was taking me to realise that we had already reached our destination. It was a pretty run down house, wood was scattered everywhere. I followed Akka inside.

“Hey you”

“Y-yes Akka”

“What’s your name?” he asked. I stared at him for a moment before answering.

“It’s Ana”

“Hmm, that’s a pretty weird name” he chuckled historically. I stared at him bluntly.

“Well I think Akka is a weirder name” I said poking my tongue out at him. He sighed.

“Sorry Ana, I didn’t mean to offend you”

“It’s alright” I said looking down at the old wooden floor.



“Can I see that book” he asked, gesturing to the book in my hands.

“Yeah of course” I handed him the book. He flipped through the pages. “Yeah most of the book is just full of blank pages” I sighed. “I don’t see why”.

“Ana, those pages were left blank for a reason.”
“A reason?” why would someone publish a book with practically nothing but blank pages.
“Yeah, I guess, why else would most of it be blank.”

“Hmm maybe your right”

Akka flipped through the pages again, but suddenly stopped at the middle of the book.

“What’s wrong?”

“This doesn’t look right, it looks like there is something stuck inside the two pages” said Akka trying to use all his force to separate the pages.

“Be careful Akka you don’t want to rip what’s inside” I walked over to him and heard a soft sound “Huh what was that?” I looked around “It sounded like something dropped” I looked down to see what had dropped. “Huh?”

“What is it?”

“A key?”

“A key? What for?”

“I don’t know, I don’t remember having a key with me” I said, picking up the key. “Hmm… It seems to have a strange mark on it”

“Hmm, doesn’t that remind you of the marks on the book?”

“Eh? Now that you mention it I guess it does.” I looked over at the book and gasped.

“w-what’s wrong?” Akka asked with a worried look on his face.

“Maybe it’s the key for the book” I put the key into the keyhole and then the book started to glow again and before I knew it the book vanished. “Huh!? What happened?”

“Huh what’s this?” said Akka picking a piece of paper off the floor.

“What is it?”

“Hmm, seems like some kind of map”

“A map” I walked closer to Akka so I could see the map over his shoulder. “I wonder where it leads to”

“Hey there’s something written on the back of it” said Akka turning the map around.

“What does it say?”

“Hmm, follow the path to find what you seek”

“Find what you seek? I wonder what this map was made for”

“Hmm… well let’s follow it anyway” he said with a smug look on his face running out the door pulling me along with him.
Game of Life new chapter one
I decided to read through and edit the prologue and first four chapters from before into one new and hopefully better chapter :) will start working on chapter two tomorrow.

Alyx’s eyes flutter open and she helps herself up off the hard stone ground.  

“Where am I?” asked Alyx looking around. But all she could see was a forest leading to some sort of castle. So Alyx started to walk through the forest and continued going deeper and deeper in until she bumped into someone and fell backwards. Suddenly a figure stood casting a shadow over her. She looked up to see a tall man with black hair holding a pipe in his left hand.

“Who are you?” he asked. Alyx stared up at the man for a moment before speaking up.
“My name is Alyx, but who are you sir?”

“Milady Alyx that is none of your concern as I can tell you aren’t from this world” Alyx pouted. “you shouldn’t pout Milady it is not very ladylike."

“Hmph” Alyx turned around.

“Well then I will be on my way then sir” she stated storming off. As she went deeper into the forest she soon spotted two figures off to the distance.

“Um excuse me!” she yelled in their direction. The figures turned to face her. As she got closer she noticed that they were wearing identical clothing to each other with the colours arranged differently.

“Why how do you do miss? How do you do?” they said in unison shaking Alyx’s hands. Alyx just stood there dumbfounded.

“u-um who are you guys?” she asked as the boy with white stripes on his shirt hugged her. He put her down and stood back next to the other boy.

“My name is Jack” said the one with the white stripes on his shirt.

“And my name is James” said the boy with grey stripes on his shirt. They both had big smiles on their faces before Jack picked up a chocolate bar and began to eat it. The brothers soon started to quarrel over the bar. Alyx tried to get them to stop fighting but failed. A crow soon flew down and scared the crap out of them and they run away screaming and Alyx continued walking through the forest.

‘I am so bored’ thought Alyx listening to another one of her sisters stories ‘I guess I’m lucky that she doesn’t look at me while she’s reading’ thought Alyx lifting herself off the ground and brushing the dirt off her dress. Alice started to explore her summer house as she hadn’t been there since she was a child. She opened the door to the library. When she got inside she saw a figure across the room so she curiously decided to approach it.

“A doll?” she said looking closer at the figure. ‘What is a doll doing inside the library’ she thought confused. Suddenly the dolls eyes opened, Alyx took a step back startled by the sudden movement of the doll.

The doll stood up it was just smaller than Alyx herself. ‘How strange, the doll is moving all on its own’ Alyx stared at the doll her eyes growing wide with glee.
“Are you Alyx?” ‘Huh it spoke’.

“Y-yeah I’m Alyx” she stated softly.  The doll moved closer to her.

“Well then Alyx, would you like me to show you the way to a wonderful world?” ‘a wonderful world huh that sounds interesting. But I really shouldn’t leave without telling my sister’ Alyx turned around and started to head towards the door. The doll grabbed her arm. Alyx turned to face the doll and saw it glancing out the window. Alyx turned her attention to the window.

“It looks like the game has already started”

“Huh?’ Alyx looked out the window at a white rabbit. ‘Why is a rabbit here…’ suddenly the rabbit turned into a human. Intrigued Alyx followed the rabbit into the garden.

The rabbit looked at his watch and gasped.

“Crap! I’m so late!” yelled the rabbit before he disappeared.

“Huh? Where did the rabbit go?” asked Alyx walking to where the rabbit disappeared. Suddenly the ground started to shake and Alyx fell.
KENDOKA ~Madoka Side~


I don’t remember how I came to live here all I was told was that my mother had left me here. I don’t mind living here it’s just the people that I can’t stand. I’ve been outcast so many times just because I speak English it’s not like I can’t speak Japanese. Many years have passed since I came here and still no one has adopted me. I’ve heard rumours that the orphanage was going to shut down soon and have been waiting outside of the orphanage each morning hoping that someone kind would come to meet me.

A month later I headed to the front of the orphanage and sat on one of the wooden poles waiting and waiting until I finally spotted a car in the distance. A slender lady with long black hair came out carrying a small child. One of the orphanage lady’s came to greet her and I went back inside so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I sat in the play room just staring at the toys on the ground.

A few minutes later one of the orphanage lady’s brought the small child from before into the room. The child approached me he was a bit taller than me with straight black hair and brown eyes that resembled my own.

“This is Kenji” said the lady “I hope you two will get along well as it is only the two of you here. “She stated leaving the room. I stared at the boy known as Kenji as he looked back with sadness in his eyes.

“How come you came here?” I asked beckoning him to sit down.  

“I don’t know when I woke up I was here.” He said sitting down in front of me. “They told me I would be staying here from now on and that it would be safer for me here.”
“Safer?”  I asked tilting my heat slightly.

“Yeah my mum is probably really scared that my dad would come back and try to take us back.” He said eyes getting watery “but I just can’t believe she would leave me here” he said as he started to cry. I walked over to him and rubbed his back gently. After a while he stopped his crying and looked over to me.

“How old are you? “He asked.

“10” I said.

“I’m 11” he stated getting up off the floor. “Well why don’t we go and play or something there’s no use in just sitting on the floor. “He grabbed my hand and dragged me around the orphanage trying to find the door to the backyard. We finally got to the backyard and he looked around. He grabbed a ball up off the ground and tossed it towards me. It smashed into my face. Kenji ran towards me.

“Whoa! Are you okay?” he asked with eyes wide. I nodded in response picking up the ball and handing it to him. “oh yeah I forgot I never asked what your name was.”
“Mother never gave me a name. I’ve just been called a little girl”
“Never gave you one… how long have you been here at the orphanage for?” he asked his eyes glazed with sadness.

“I don’t know. All I remember is part of what my mother looked like” he sighed.
“Well then why don’t I just give you a name” he said with a smile on his face. “Hmm… how about Madoka? Huh do you not like it?” I stared at him my eyes growing wide before a grin fell on my face.

“Madoka” I giggled and ran around him “I have a name” he smiled at me and took the ball from my hands.

“So should we try again?” he asked, I nodded my smile never leaving my face as we played for what felt like hours before we were told to come back inside.  One of the orphanage ladies’ beckoned us to sit down at the dining room table. As we sat the head of the orphanage came at sat across from us.

“I am very sorry to have to say this especially considering you are so new here Kenji but the orphanage will have to close down soon and if no one comes to adopt the two of you we will have to send you to another orphanage in another town. Now you two should eat something then head off to bed.” We did as we were told.

The next morning when we awoke there was a couple standing in the dining hall. They looked over to Kenji and I and beckoned for Kenji to come closer.

“How would you like to come home with us?” asked the tall man. Kenji glanced over at me.
“I won’t leave without her” he said. The tall man stepped back at this response and walked over to the slightly smaller women.

“What should we do?” he asked her. “We can’t support the two of them.” The lady shook her head and the couple soon left the orphanage. Kenji and I wandered into the play room before being called out to again. We headed to the front of the orphanage where we spotted a very kind looking couple. The man was tall with big brown eyes and raven black hair. The women standing next to him hand kind brown eyes and very dark brown hair. They walked towards Kenji and I.

“How would you like to come home with us?” asked the lady. Kenji grasped my hand.

“I won’t leave without Madoka. I don’t want her to be all alone again.”

“Well that’s great since we were thinking of adopting the both of you.” She said smiling sweetly. That was the story of how I found a place to call home. It was all thanks to Kenji.
KENDOKA Prologue Madoka side
This is the story version for a manga I am making with :iconchitama101: this is Madoka's prologue Kenji's will come once I talk to Kenji more about it XD

lol so I was tagged by :iconpancakestacks:

rules should be obvious these days but i'm gonna be a rule breaker XD don't think i'll tag that many people :p.

1. Which is your favourite season? 
Hmm... my favourite season is probably winter :D since then I can sleep all the time :'D since summer just gets to hot to do anything maybe I need aircon XD
2. How many posters/photos/paintings hang on your bedroom walls?
A lot XD maybe around 50+ haha ^^'
3. What colour is your hair?
Brown~ it varies in shade though...
4. Favourite movie of 2013?
hmm... idk Q^Q I liked monsters university :D
5. What is your favourite feature on your body?
hmm... eyes I guess XD
6. Beach, pool, lake, or river?
pool~ less likely to be eaten XD lol maybe coz I used to have a pool in my backyard.
7. What TV series would you most like to live in?
Madoka Magica or the big bang theory :'D
8. Favourite kind of candy? 
All~ :D I love candy XD I guess I like pocky the most
9. If you had to wear clothing that was all the same colour for a month, what colour would it be? 
black or blue...
10. What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
eh? XD Q^Q I don't know

I tag: :iconchitama101: u don't have to do it if u don't wanna ^^

lol I forgot to add questions XD

1. Why haven't you given me my tea yet? D:

2. Who's your favourite character in a tv show?

3. Will you always hate light? :D

4. What's your favourite food?

5. Has Gakupo taken over Len as your favourite VOCALOID? XD

6. What's your favourite song?

7. Why do you like America so much? (Hetalia)

8. What cake should we make when we cos Gakupo & Len again?

9. Who's name would you write in the death note?

10. What's your dream cosplay?



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there I'm Madoka :3


Manga's I am currently working on:
Zhang Li no monogatari nai
KENDOKA (collab manga with :iconchitama101:)

Manga on hiatus:
Ku-san's school life(need to buy full version of comipo ^^')
many other manga's that I will start on once I've finished the ones i'm working on XD

I am also working on two visual novels~ though it may take ages for them to come out XD sorry...

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